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Liam Fox O’Brien is a musical creative with a history in true punk-rock and fashion media. Since moving to the US from Australia, he has begun working toward a bright future in film scoring and sound innovation. Keeping true to his roots, Liam still plays electric guitar in burger records released punk outfit, wax witches and he also writes electronic-pop music with collaborators/friends who are active in the industry.

The creative direction was inspired by a series of black and white photographs taken on tour – which communicate both the gritty realm of live music but also the effortless amounts of high contrast, grain and texture. These textures then altered, cropped, distorted and stylised create a suite of artwork for Liam’s brand and collateral.

The logo is inspired by the very foundation of which music is composed – using musical staff lines and bars to surround the type makes for a simplistic and meaningful identity.