Brand Identity · Print Materials

Gippsland FM presents NOW MEDIA, a youth media hub that provides broadcasting opportunities for young volunteers aged 12–25 who want to get involved, on-air and online.

The creative direction began by developing several tag-lines to act as a call-to-action throughout the marketing collateral. The tag-lines developed simplify what NOW MEDIA is about in just a few words – all ending in the word ‘NOW!’ links perfectly with the project name ‘NOW MEDIA’.

The logotype combines custom typography surrounded by a speech bubble, which in partnership have a fun, bubbly feel. The logotype sits alongside its other components of the branding – brightly coloured free-flowing shapes draw a sense of play that gives the brand life and energy, likely to attract a young and energetic audience.

The overall branding and identity roll out consisted of business cards, brochures, posters, flyers and social media promotions.