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Email Newsletter / Social Media Imagery

Spotted Zebra is the go-to site for all your writing, events and media engagement needs. Offering a range of how-to products for professional reference, Spotted Zebra is for the busy individual seeking quick yet concise information to assist them with such tasks as organising a product launch, writing a media release or preparing a formal speech, just to name a few.

The branding for Spotted Zebra needed to feel professional, bold and sophisticated with a slight quirkiness. The logo set uses a geometric typeface for sophistication, whilst the ‘spot’ connects perfectly with the name giving it that element of quirkiness. Zebra illustrations were hand-drawn for a completely custom feel and are used as solid backgrounds in-between secondary colours consisting of soft grey, black and orange.

Spotted Zebra’s website was quite unique in its functionality – users needed to be able to either purchase products individually or sign up to a yearly membership for unlimited access to all products available. The website was carefully designed to maintain brand consistency as well as enhance user flow.

To match Spotted Zebra’s level of sophistication, a high-end paper stock was selected for business cards combined with letterpress printing.

Other designed materials included an email newsletter, product booklets, presentation template, quote and invoice template, email footer and social media imagery.

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